November 27, 2015

Dean’s story…….

After numerous spells in prison, I first came to the One Service in 2010 when I got sent away to HMP Peterborough, as this was when I first ever began to know who this service was, and as the truth be told this is where my journey started. I came out of prison and for the first week I stayed with my sons mother while I waited for the One Service to help find me accommodation; but a result they had got me into a shared house just round the corner from my sons mother so couldn’t have asked for more. Then things took their toll and I ended up back in prison, but to my surprise the One Service never turned their back on me, they gave me more support and help despite the fact that I had got myself back into prison. This organisation was still there to help me. It was then that I ended up meeting Tom Deignan & Charlie Sharpe who were at this time doing a multi skills course inside the prison.

Well I’d done my course and got to know Charlie and Tom. As time went on I finished my course, finished my sentence and got released I was then put into a guest house through the One Service. It was while I was living here that I then became aware that Charlie and Tom had joined with the One Service and taken the workshop out of the prison and into the community; this was the next step into my journey. I joined them of course and we refurbished Tyesdale community centre, I was learning how to paint and decorate all was well, but wait for it, next thing I know I’m sitting back in prison! Unbelievable when I sit here now and think about it as what a opportunity I had and blew it, second time I’m back in jail after these people had gone out of their way to help me; but yet they still never turned their back on me and it happened again 3 times all together. I got out got help and got sent away again I mean I really must have been in a bad place to have been doing what I was. But the truth is I had an addiction to heroin and crack and was out shoplifting all the while to feed my habit BAD TIMES.

Another 6 months of my life down the drain sitting back in HMP Peterborough but I am a firm believer in that everything happens for a reason in life, I don’t know why as other people would say not we all make our own choices I guess but anyway despite all that nonsense it was this time round in prison that I then became aware of Charlie doing a totally different context of things all together and I guess this is where TTG came into my life.

I had a good sit down with Charlie in the prison and he told me all about TTG Training and what it was all about and I just don’t know something must have clicked in my head and I thought you know what, this all makes sense to me, so I decided I was determined to get out this time round and really give it a go. I came out spent 4 nights in a horrible B&B and I started at TTG and then was offered to move in above the centre in the 3 rooms they have there. I moved in on the 11th May 2015 and have been in there since. In that time I have been to live work sites in Cambridge & Whittlesey, I have been doing training in the centre and I also done a week’s work experience at Jewson.

All the while I was also coming off my subutex script which I have now been free from for over 2 and half months. I then get a job opportunity through TTG which I applied for, sat an interview for, and have now been working 8 weeks for. I am hopefully going to be working for TTG until Xmas. I have really enjoyed working and getting paid. It has definitely been a journey but I got there in the end, so to the people out there that know me from my old times if I can do it then I guess we all can.

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