December 4, 2015

Non-Executive Directors needed!!!

Job Description
Non-Executive Director x 2

Date: 4th December 2015
Contract Term: Initially 12 months

About Us: TTG Training CIC was established in January 2015 as the legacy of The One Service Social Impact Bond pilot. It is a Community Interest Company formed to offer support to ex-offenders, young people and those seeking an alternative curriculum within Peterborough and surrounding areas by offering a safe, viable and sustainable route into employment.
From its Training Centre in Welland, TTG offers bespoke programs of trade, employment and life skills, returning responsibility to the individual as they pick up their lives and establish themselves as meaningful participants in the community.
The void between mainstream vocational provision and the demands of industry readily isolates an already challenged target cohort. In order to address this, provision is holistic by design, with a core focus on an employability skill set that aligns not only with the demands of the workplace but also mirrors expectations of society as a whole. As such the fundamentals of reliability, work ethic, communication, responsibility and a sense of decency are central tenets.
Links to industry are strengthened by a live work-based strand in which participants are able to road test their readiness for employment without the need to expose them to an all too often unforgiving marketplace. In so doing TTG will continue the framework of support through the transition phase before presenting those evidencing the right attributes to potential employers confident that they are able to succeed if given the opportunity.

Job Purpose: To offer guidance, support, expertise and an objective perspective to the Board on the key matters of strategy, operational management, organisational structure and development, commercial and financial affairs, and risk management.

Key Accountabilities:

• To provide advice, judgement and feedback to the Board of Directors on business planning and Company strategy
• To support the Board of Directors in establishing clear objectives for delivering and achieving strategic and business plans
• To assist the Board of Directors in setting challenging objectives for improving organisational performance
• To contribute towards the leadership, planning and implementation of change.
• To provide an external perspective to constructively challenge and analyse the development of Company strategy

• To ensure that financial information is accurate and that financial controls are robust and defensible
• To input to business plans and annual budgets at Board level

• To participate in the analysis of the performance of management in meeting agreed goals and objectives and in monitoring the reporting of performance

• To ensure that the Board operates in lines with accepted best practice in terms of Corporate Governance
• To ensure that the organisation is run in a transparent and equitable manner consistent with Company values and purpose
• To ensure that systems of risk management are robust and defensible

Board Activities
• To attend quarterly Board meetings and other ad hoc meetings of the Board of Directors
• To offer advice and guidance in a consultative capacity to the Company and the Advisory Board
• To participate in the annual performance review of the Board of Directors.
• To make recommendations to the Board on the appointment or removal of staff, on succession planning and the remuneration of Directors
• To attend the Annual General Meeting of the Company
• To act as an unbiased, objective and impartial member of the Board, ensuring that all decisions taken are in the best long term interests of TTG Training CIC, its stakeholders and employees
• To act in accordance with the Board of Directors’ code of conduct at all times

Person Specification
• Board level experience in a private or public sector organisation
• Strong understanding of Corporate Governance
• Track record of active leadership and achieving positive change
• Financial strategic thinking, substantial bid writing experience
• Ability to handle complexity and uncertainty
• Creative and flexible thinker; open to new ideas and able to modify views and constructively challenge
• Ability to analyse the performance of Directors in meeting agreed goals and objectives.
• Ability to commit on average 2 days per month to the role, however this may be more in the initial structuring process.
• Able to inspire colleagues and bring energy and enthusiasm to their work
• Able to build trust, act with integrity and be relied upon
• Identify with the values and behaviours the exemplify a cooperative culture
• Experience of a multi-faceted business
• Industry specific experience
• An enquiring mind, with confidence to challenge constructively
• The ability to work with a wide range of individuals and organisation and build productive relationships

Commitment from TTG Training CIC
As a small team working to address the social issues surrounding our client group we feel it is important to fully understand the complexities of the challenges faced. If you would like to meet for an initial conversation prior to any formal application then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would also welcome your visit to our training centre to meet staff and trainees should you seek a more practical understanding.
There are two positions currently available and whilst these are in a voluntary capacity, directors indemnity insurance will be provided along with any reasonable expenses incurred in carrying out the duties of the role.
If you are interested in shaping this unique landscape and feel you have the majority of the qualities required please submit your CV and covering letter via email to charlie.sharpe@ttgtraining.org.uk

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