About Us

TTG Training CIC was established in January 2015 as the legacy of The One Service Social Impact Bond pilot. It is a Community Interest Company formed to offer support to ex-offenders, young people and those seeking an alternative curriculum within Peterborough and surrounding areas by offering a safe, viable and sustainable route into employment.

From its Training Centre in Welland, TTG offers bespoke programs of trade, employment and life skills, returning responsibility to the individual as they pick up their lives and establish themselves as meaningful participants in the community.

The void between mainstream vocational provision and the demands of industry readily isolates an already challenged target cohort. In order to address this, provision is holistic by design, with a core focus on an employability skill set that aligns not only with the demands of the workplace but also mirrors expectations of society as a whole. As such the fundamentals of reliability, work ethic, communication, responsibility and a sense of decency are central tenets.

Links to industry will be further strengthened by a live work-based strand in which participants are able to road test their readiness for employment without the need to expose those them to an all too often unforgiving marketplace. In so doing TTG will continue the framework of support through the transition phase before presenting those evidencing the right attributes to potential employers confident that they are able to succeed if given the opportunity.

  • Hi I'm Dan, I'm 27 and my story with the One Service and TTG started when I was sent down for two weeks for breach of community service. I met with Martin from the One Service and he told me about the services they offer. He told me about TTG Training, the work they do and the programme they offer. After I got out of prison I had a meeeting with Charlie Sharpe and he told me what the course was about, what was expected of me and what I might get out of it. I joined the lads in the workshop shortly after. I had a shaky start as I was having problems at home and in the relationship I was in at the time. I missed days and nearly lost my place but luckily the One Service and Charlie stood by me and helped me through. I now live above TTG until I finish the course and get a full time job. I can't wait to start work again.